Udokan Mmining And Metallurgical Plant | 10 December 2018 г. | 15:15

Enviromental Approval Granted To Udokan Mmining And Metallurgical Plant

Enviromental Approval Granted To Udokan Mmining And Metallurgical  Plant

According to the Order of the Directorate of Rosprirodnadzor (Federal Service for the Supervision of Use of Natural Resources) for Zabaikalye Region, the state environmental expert committee of the federal level approved design documentation for Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant Stage 1 with the capacity of 12 mtpa of ore.

The expert committee found that Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant project prepared by Baikal Mining Company fully complied with the environmental requirements established in technical regulations and environmental legislation.

During preparation of the design documents Baikal Mining Company performed a lot of work relating to integration of solutions based on the best available technologies and up-to-date industrial environmental monitoring techniques into the project.

Following the results of the public consultations with the residents of Kalar District of Zabaikalye Region concerning the materials of preliminary environmental impact assessment of the project, design documentation was supplemented with the solutions regarding the route and surface of Udokan settlement road bypass, partial change of the recirculating water system intended for Udokan MMP as well as emission abatement system based on the location of the existing and potential specially protected natural areas and areas of traditional nature management.

Responsible approach to environmental safety control and comprehensive work in this field enabled Baikal Mining Company to develop Udokan MMP project in strict compliance with modern requirements to high-level environmental protection.

Please be reminded that Central Committee for Solid Mineral Deposits Development of Rosnedra had earlier approved “Udokan Copper Project Development. Udokan MMP Mining Complex” Technical Project. It is scheduled to put Stage 1 of the plant with 12 mtpa ore capacity into operation in 2022. Processing of Udokan ores is based on flotation-hydrometallurgical flowsheet. The plant shall produce cathode copper and sulphide concentrate.

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